In Person

If you're in the Washington DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area, and would like the best guitar instruction in the area, drop me a line at or call 301-262-0522 to make arrangements. 

Online via Skype or Face Time

If you wish to study with me remotely, Skype or Face Time to the rescue! NOTE--if Face Time is used, I will still need to send files via Skype or similar platform. Drop me a line at one of the options listed above.


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Q: What styles do you teach?

Just about anything, really. 

Q: What levels do you teach?

All levels. Beginners are welcome, as long as the desire and work ethic is there. My reward (outside of the financials) as an instructor is your progress. I don't care if it's from Point A to Point B, or Point Y to Point Z. 

Q: Will you teach me songs?

If you desire, of course! Left to my own devices, I would show songs, or just the pertinent passages to illustrate the concepts being discussed. For beginners, it's important to learn a small repertoire of easy tunes to get the hands moving before any abstract concepts are introduced.  If you choose me, I work for you, but I will have recommendations, sometimes very strong ones, about the direction of the lessons. 

Q: Do you teach ear training?

Absolutely! Intervals, harmonic progressions, etc, are essential if you wish to figure out songs or melodies, or learn to improvise.

Q: Do you require reading music?

NO! But it can be very useful, and I do teach it, and I gently urge my students to at least have a functional knowledge of the staff, key signatures, time signatures, note values, etc. They don't have to sight-read, but at least be able to figure out what the music says, and reproduce it. I usually don't teach this until after a student can play some tunes.

Q: Do you teach soloing?

ABSOLUTELY!  "Flying the ship" is arguably the most fun thing to do on an instrument. There's quite a bit of theory to it, such as harmony, chord spelling, scale spelling, etc, but it will all make sense when the time comes.

Q: Do you teach techniques and "chops"?

Yes, especially bends, vibrato, slurs, rhythm techniques, etc. It's up to the student to do the "road work". Only rarely do I insist a student gain a certain level of competence on a certain scale or passage. I will certainly put the student on the correct path to achieve facility in whatever area they wish to achieve it. Speed has its place, but musicianship is important at any speed. You can be great and not fast, and you can be fast and not great. Being great is to what you should aspire. 


Before Your First Lesson


Parts of the guitar, string names, etc.

COMING SOON: Tuning Tips

Clip-on tuners, possibly reference notes

<----GUITAR FACE 101

Instructional Videos


BEGINNER LESSON: Making Clean Chords

BEGINNER LESSON: Basic Chord Changes, Metronome Use


INTERMEDIATE LESSON: Single Note Rhythm and Lead Guitar

More Instructional Videos


INTERMEDIATE LESSON: Pentatonic Major Scales "Let It Be" solo

ADVANCED LESSON: Blues Scale Tweaks

ALL LEVELS: Advanced Metronome Use; Finding a Playable Tempo