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Robert Fiester


Professional musician and instructor since 1982. Robert has played rock with Brian Jack, roots with Patty Reese, smooth jazz with Slim Man, blues with Anthony Swampdog Clark and country with T. Edwin Doss. Now he performs an eclectic mix with Radio Religion, and country/rock with Kittyback, along with various and sundry fill-in work. Study with Robert! Inquire within. 

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Radio Religion


Two guys with guitars, or sometimes with a rhythm section, doing material both expected and unexpected. Classic rock, prog, country, blues, even r & b. Not your average duo, never a dull  moment! 

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Tyrone Shuz & His Funky Bluz


It's a rare day when we can all get together and play live, but when we do, it's a thrill! But we did an album and  you can get it here! Also available are rare copies of the Scrappy Harris Blues Band CD! 

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NOTES: This calendar includes ALL of Robert's musical ventures. Radio Religion is the duo, Radio Religion+ is the band, Kittyback is a country/rock act, etc. EVENTS AFTER DAYLIGHT SAVINGS ENDS CURRENTLY SHOW STARTING TIMES 1 HOUR LATE! THIS WILL CHANGE AFTER 11/4/18!

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