As an instructor, I work for you, the student,  and my goal is to develop the skills you need to play the style(s) you wish to play. I like to use actual songs of the student's choice to develop these skills, especially in beginners. I also try to keep it fun whenever possible. To me, it's all fun, even the geeky stuff, but I realize that's not the case with all of you.

Please note that I'd rather "teach you how to fish" than merely "give you a fish". If I only showed you tunes each time, you'd learn those tunes, and you may or may not connect the dots at a future point. But if we discussed why the tunes work, or learn general concepts (chord voicings, progressions, melodic ideas, etc) with each one, you would learn to figure them out yourself.

This means that there will be some lessons that will be a lot like school, learning harmony, ear training, intervals, chord extensions, etc. There will also be some lessons dedicated to rhythm, which usually involves songs, but occasionally not.

DISCLAIMER: If you would just prefer to learn tunes, and your favorite licks, not work hard, have a little fun, that's fine too. But after awhile, if you love it, you'll get "the bug" and want to know how it all works. At that point you'll wish you'd done it earlier. But as I mentioned, I work for you, so "recreational lessons" are fine, if that's what you want.

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