Robert has offered the finest guitar instruction for over 20 years, teaching any style, any level. His specialties include music theory, improvisation, rhythmic and melodic approaches, ear training, as well as songs, licks, and tricks.

Robert: "My favorite students are those that are interested in how music works, including the guitar, instead of purely guitar students. I learned by applying music theory to the guitar, along with ear training. I never needed a teacher to help me learn songs. I needed teachers to explain musical concepts, and chord voicings, and the occasional technique that wasn't immediately obvious. But I've also learned that everybody learns in their own way, and each student is motivated by different aspects of music, and if you're not motivated, you won't practice as hard or as well. My goal is that each student, either through the front door or the back, develops a natural curiosity into the workings of music. Then they can become good musicians, whether or not they become virtuosos."